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An enthusiastic web designer and blockchain developer who designs user-oriented user interfaces for websites to increase interactions and conversation rates. I also develop software solutions between websites and blockchain smart contracts such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon(Matic) & Cardano.

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In addition to the conception and design of the website and search engine friendliness, I attach great importance to user-friendliness, so that users can reach their goals faster, find the information they are looking for quickly and interact more with the site.


In blockchain technology, I am developing the connection between a website and the blockchain platform and their smart contract that the users or the website can interact with. From October 2021 I will also be offering the creation of smart contracts for many blockchains platforms.

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Here I show you a small selection of my work. 



I’m Patrick Knobloch and I come from Oldenburg in Germany. For more than 12 years I have been building up my own knowledge in the areas of design, programming / development and marketing and have already worked with over 100 companies and music artists from various fields. In this way, I can largely offer everything from a single source, in which I can combine all areas with my expertise.


I have also recently dedicated myself to blockchain technology and have already been able to gain some experience and develop various dapps.



With the popularity of crypto currencies and my expanded specialization in blockchain projects, I offer the following payment methods such as standard banking, PayPal or crypto currencies.

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